Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Check Your Luggage

Check Your Luggage

“Check Your Luggage!” is an exciting new travel show featuring Justin T Russo (Logo’s ‘Fire Island’).

Justin is the expert when it comes to bears who travel. He’s a New York City resident and was recently seen on Logo’s Fire Island as the cubby bear who everyone fell in love with. He loves to travel and knows where every great party is at! Just last year he visited World Pride in Madrid, Palm Springs Pride an Iceland, so he knows how to pack for anything!

Justin brings his trademark humor, fun and knowledge to this amazing new LGBT travel show on Bear World TV.

Justin will be joined on the show by industry experts, local hosts and a variety of LGBT vloggers from around the world, bringing a diverse and in-depth look at the LGBT travel experience for everyone.

Season One will be filmed around the US and will include clips, features and vlogs from around the world.

Coming soon to Bear World TV

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